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sole custody

Sole Custody Orders in Australia

In Australia, the assessment of parental fitness is crucial in determining custody arrangements for a child. This evaluation...
criminal law; section 10

Understanding Section 10 in Criminal Law

In the realm of criminal law, particularly within the Australian legal framework, there exist provisions that cater to...
buying selling investment conveyancing

Conveyancing: A Guide to Smooth Transactions

At Cleofe Parsons Legal, we understand the intricacies and challenges that come with real estate transactions. Whether you’re...
separating under one roof

Separation Under One Roof: A Legal Perspective

The decision to part ways with your partner is not one taken lightly. The process can be fraught...
family lawyer sydney

Navigating Your First Meeting with a Family Lawyer

Embarking on the journey of legal proceedings in family matters can be a significant and emotional step. To...
casual employee labor laws

Reforming the Definition of ‘Casual Employee’: A Paradigm Shift on the Horizon

In a significant announcement on 24 July 2023, The Hon Tony Burke MP, Industrial Relations Minister, unveiled the...

Estate Administration: The Crucial Role of Executors

As we traverse the intricate world of estate administration, we uncover a realm where meticulousness, compassion, and proficiency...

Termination to Compensation: Employee Rights in Unforeseen Job Loss

Losing a job can be a deeply unsettling experience, leaving individuals grappling not only with emotional distress but...
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